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In April 2020, the pandemic closed us at home and stopped our activities. We suffered, we feared the worst, sometimes we cried, but in one thing Covid failed to stop us: he could not stop our thought. And it was precisely in those days, when we were all closed at home, that the idea of E-Cook was born, a product that thrives on open spaces and conviviality, in contrast to that moment of total closure. Today that thought is reality.


With E-Cook, the uncomfortable compromises dictated by the domestic walls disappear. Cooking delicious dishes in a free environment, in any context of your home OUTDOOR but above all respecting the environment in absolute safety (no combustion and no fumes), has now become a reality.


Piastra Teppanyaki ( 38 e 58cm )


E-Cook offers the possibility to choose teppanyaki cooking in its configuration, a type of Japanese cuisine characterized by cooking food directly on the plate without additional fats, bringing out the authentic flavors of the dishes. Induction hobs that use the teppanyaki principle are available in two different configurations: 38cm (2 cooking zones) and 60cm (4 cooking zones).

Induction with glass (38cm and 58cm)


E-Cook can be equipped with an induction hob available in two different configurations: 38cm (2 cooking zones) and 60cm (4 cooking zones). The touch controls, simple and intuitive, provide immediate access to every function of the hob, the 60cm hob is equipped with a power limiter, which allows you to adjust the absorbed power to 2.8 - 3.5 - 7.4 kW, to be compatible even with limited energy supplies. Induction hobs have multiple functions including the bridge function.

E-COOK 150 Teppanyaki induction hob 58cm


E-COOK 150 Glass induction hob 58cm




1  Soft closing drawers


2  Removable and washable wooden cutting boards


3  Wooden lower shelf


4  Adjustable feet


5  Removable wheels


6  Teppanyaki Induction Hob


7  Glass Induction Hob

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