Integra cooktops

Induction hobs that integrate the controls of the hob and the kitchen hood.

Products of line Integra cooktops

Integra is the innovative built in induction cooktop that connects, through radio frequencies, an induction hob and an Airforce kitchen hood, in order to make the cooking and extraction experience as comfortable as possible for the user.
All our hobs are equipped with a double control: one dedicated to the management of the cooking zones and one to access all the main functions of the hood, including the speed of aspiration and the switching on and off of the lights.

The Airforce induction cooktops are available in sizes 30 - 60 - 78 - 90 cm and are all equipped with the E.G.O. (Made in Germany), which allows us to have different outfits able to meet the needs of each customer.
The hood can be chosen from a wide selection of Airforce products, which include among the features the icon dedicated to the Integra system, and are available in island, ceiling and wall versions.

Integra System allows to obtain the perfect symbiosis between hood and induction hob.


Conceived and developed to obtain the perfect symbiosis of a kitchen hood and an induction hob.


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