class C

Iconic 80 wall-mounted steel hood

Technical data

  • Max air flow: 605 m3/h
  • IEC air flow: 605 m3/h
  • Control:

    4 speeds rotary control (3+1 intensive)

  • Lamps: 4,8W Led 4000°K 142Lux
  • Noise Level: 49/64/68 dB(A)
  • Size: 80 cm
  • Finish:


  • Filters:

    Washable grease filters
    Charcoal filters for recirculation mode


Washable grease Filters

Washable grease Filters

All our grease filters can be washed for a perfect cleaning, keeping their performance constant in time.

Activated Charcoal Filter

Activated Charcoal Filter

These kitchen hood types are equipped from the very beginning with special activated charcoal filters to absorb odors, necessary for installation in fltering mode.

Chimneys Kit (Optional)

Chimneys Kit (Optional)

For these kitchen hood types is available a specifc kit of sliding chimneys. The kit is designed to guarantee an easy installation in extraction mode and adapt perfectly to kitchen ceilings of any height.

Long Life Filters

Long Life Filters

Special high-efficiency and
long-lasting odor filter systems,
available for our products as
original equipment or as an
optional accessory.


Conceived and developed to obtain the perfect symbiosis of a kitchen hood and an induction hob.


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