class C

F42 RLN Island extractor Hood

Technical data

  • Max air flow: 700 m3/h
  • IEC air flow: 667 m3/h
  • Control:

    Front and rear electronic soft touch 3 speeds Timer

  • Lamps: 4x2,1W Led
  • Noise Level: 49/69 dB(A)
  • Size: 140/180/220x70 cm
  • Finish:

    Stainless steel

  • Filters:

    Washable stainless steel grease filters. Charcoal filters for recirculation mode (optional).


Washable grease Filters

Washable grease Filters

All our grease filters can be washed for a perfect cleaning, keeping their performance constant in time.

Perimeter Aspiration

Perimeter Aspiration

The kitchen hoods equipped with this feature have ltering surface positioned perimetrically. This system improves aesthetics, reduces noise and simplifies the cleaning of the hood.

Energy saving

Energy saving

Thanks to technologies that Airforce has developed especially for our engines and lighting systems these kitchen hoods systems have high performances and very low energy consumption.

Stainless Steel Grease Filter

Stainless Steel Grease Filter

The stainless steel grease filter gives an aesthetic appeal to the kitchen hood and a long-lasting and high filtering capacity; the grease filter can be washed in the dishwasher for a perfect cleaning, maintaining its performance constant in time.


Conceived and developed to obtain the perfect symbiosis of a kitchen hood and an induction hob.


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