Aspira Special Induction downdraft stove tops

The perfect combination of an induction hob and a downward exhaustion kitchen hood.

Products of line Aspira Special

Aspira Special is the range of the Aspira Induction family that groups together the most particular and whimsical projects, with a strong aesthetic value and great functionality; from the Sail, with its glass wing, to the Splashback, which brings the suction to the wall, immediately behind the hob, to Aria and Luce, with its plug-in lighting system, the products of the Aspira Special range are designed to satisfy even the most particular needs. Furthermore, like all Aspira products, the entire Special range can be installed both in suction mode, with air outlet to the outside, and in filter mode, with recirculation of purified air inside the home.


Conceived and developed to obtain the perfect symbiosis of a kitchen hood and an induction hob.


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