28 Jun 2011

Airforce main sponsor of the Palio San Giovanni


Also this year Airforce is among the main sponsors of the historical medieval event.
The Medieval feast that takes place from June 16th to the 26th in the city of Fabriano, evokes the competitive rivalry between the 4 historical city gates Borgo, Piano, Cervara and Pisana.

From a cultural point of view, the “Infiorate” are both curious and interesting.
This involves real artistic sketches which reproduce historical events covered with fresh and dried flowers.
urther to this, every evening it is possible to enjoy the original and traditional historical games in the main square of the City, the archers, the flag-wavers, the tug-of-war and again the game of the bracelet, the race on stilts, the sack race to end with the important Challenge of the mallet.

22 Mar 2017

Airforce Aspira Induction Slim G5 has earned another design prize

22 Mar 2017

Airforce is proud to announce that Slim G5, the first product of...

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